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Welcome to the Practice of Dr. Rieber – Your Dentist in Oberrieden

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You are the focus. Our aim is to offer you dental treatment at the highest professional level and to provide you with the best possible care tailored to your needs.

Our Offer


You have several options to get a firm bite and a beautiful smile with us: All fillings - from simple composite to complex ceramic inlay - are made and checked with high precision under the surgical microscope.

We have not processed amalgam for over 15 years.


Aesthetics and chewing comfort lost due to tooth loss are regained and improved through the insertion of dental implants. After careful clarification, advice and planning in the practice, the implants are inserted under sterile conditions.


This technique enables you to have inlays, overlays, crowns or venners in just one session. Ceramic blocks are precisely ground into an inlay by a computer-aided milling unit and then inserted directly. Also suitable for long-term temporaries, if you want treatment in several steps or if your budget should be divided into several stages.


There are numerous options here

With the 3D camera, we create an optical impression, which we process directly on the PC in such a way that a high-precision crown can be produced industrially in cooperation with the dental technician from biocompatible high-performance ceramics, from zirconium oxide, or from any other dental material.


In addition, tomograms and digital volume tomograms now allow accurate planning of wisdom tooth extractions and implants. This technique enables planning before the actual surgical procedure.


Do you need to replace old or leaky crowns?

There are numerous ways to regain your smile – thanks to our experience with the latest technology we will find the right crown material for you.


  • e.max the crowns for highest aesthetic demands made of lithium disilicate glass ceramic. Fabrication with Cerec possible in just one day.

  • Zirconium oxide crowns made from biocompatible high-performance ceramics.

  • Composite metal-ceramic crowns VMK, the well-known, solid technique.

  • Plastic veneer crowns are mainly used on implants with high chewing force.


Nitrous oxide sedation relaxes you and puts you in a positive mood.

Dental treatment (including injections for local anaesthesia) is thus experienced without fear and stress. >More info


Professional dental hygiene includes basic services to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. At our practice, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments to keep your smile bright and healthy. >More info

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