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So That You Can Smile Again

Thanks to the best training and ongoing training, we are able to offer you the full range of dentistry (excluding orthodontics).


There are several causes of toothache. The classic caries (hole in the tooth), which leads to the death of the nerve, a crack in the tooth, pain in dead tooth nerves, pain in the gums, pain in wisdom teeth, pain when changing teeth.

Pain from grinding and clenching the teeth often also triggers headache and neck pain.


You haven't been to the dentist or dental hygienist for a long time and have bleeding gums, loose teeth or a bad taste in your mouth? Do not hesitate, we will find a suitable treatment option in your case too, so that you can find your healthy, radiant smile again in the foreseeable future.


Your teeth do not have tooth decay and do not need fillings, but they are not white enough?

Simply by whitening your teeth you will regain your smile. Various options are open to you: power bleaching in the practice and home bleaching at your home.


Gum discomfort

Hole in a tooth

Pressure sensitivity

Wisdom teeth pain

Sensitivity to cold

Acid sensitivity

Broken tooth

Pain from grinding and clenching teeth


Clarification of your needs

Weighing up different therapies

Individual and professional planning

Competent advice with a  comprehensive support concept

All treatments directly in the practice

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