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Team Diskussion

To Care for Our Patients in the Best Possible Way,

that Is the Goal of All of Us.

We are a well organized team. Everyone knows what to do and we support each other. We have mutual respect and communicate a lot and honestly. We address discrepancies and find solutions.

And if there is something to celebrate, we celebrate it on excursions together.

History of our Practice and our Mission

The practice of Dr. Rieber was founded in 1996 and has stood for high quality dentistry based on the current state of scientific dental research for over twenty years.

We are constantly educating ourselves and are technically up to date. The regular exchange at eye level with highly qualified professional colleagues about our work and new developments in dentistry are important to us.

We are committed to the further training of prospective colleagues, including supervision and self-awareness for training candidates.

We are in close contact with universities and training institutes, with technical suppliers and dental laboratories as well as with other practice communities.


We offer young colleagues the opportunity to work temporarily and to start self-employed as a dentist.

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