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Your Child Should Have Healthy Teeth

In the school dental examination, problems of dental and oral health are identified in good time and possible treatments or hygiene tips are shown.


Bring the „Zürcher Schulzahnuntersuchung“ voucher so that we can declare the examination as a school dental examination. With the voucher, your child will receive an annual school dental examination worth FR. 65.00.


Please note that the free appointment lasts a maximum of 20 minutes.


The voucher must be redeemed in the current school year. The exact deadline is on your voucher.

Be sure to take the signed voucher with you to the examination and give it to us at the practice.


For your child, the first experiences at the dentist are groundbreaking for the future. In our practice, all young patients are treated with the greatest care and empathy, so that a visit to the dentist is a stress-free experience.

Children in great need of treatment have the option of receiving anesthesia.

Dr. Rieber has been a school dentist for the community of Oberrieden since 1996. He and his team do the obligatory checks (Zurich school dental examination) and the other treatments.
Children from other communities are very welcome!
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